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We stock a great range of vacuum cleaner floor tools, floor heads, adapters and accessories.
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  1. 32mm Bent End Piece/Handle (VB879)

    32mm Bent End Piece.  Black plastic PVC with click-ring/hull.  Suits Pullman AS4, PC4, AS5, CV3, XP, Superpro 700, Hako Rocket Vac

    Learn More
  2. Adaptor - 32mm floor tool to 38mm rod (VB169)
    Adaptor for use with 32mm floor tools to suit 30-38mm rods. Learn More
  3. Adaptor 32mm to 35mm (VB137)
    Adapter 32mm neck to 35mm Rod Learn More
  4. Adaptor 35mm to 32mm (VB129)
    Adapter 35mm neck to 32mm Rod Learn More
  5. Adaptor for Dyson machines to 32mm accessory (VB193)

    Adapter for Dyson rod to allow the use of regular 32mm accessories or floor tools.

    Learn More
  6. Bent End Piece to suit 32mm Rod - Chrome (VB176)

    Chrome Bent end piece with swivel cuff to fit 32mm rods

    Learn More
  7. Bent End Piece to suit 35mm Rod (VB139)

    Bent end piece to fit 35mm rods

    Learn More
  8. Bent End Piece to suit 36mm rod (VB858)
    Bent end piece/handle to suit 36mm rods. Suitable for use with Ghibli/Pullman AS10, Hako, Supervac 140. Learn More
  9. Bent End Piece with 32mm fitting (VB109)
    Chrome and black PVC Bent End Piece with click ring and hull. Handle suits 32mm accessories. Learn More
  10. Car Care Vacuum Kit (VB111)

    Hoover Car Care Kit.
    Attachments designed to make car cleaning easier

    Learn More
  11. Car Vacuum Kit (VB861)

    Vacuum car kit. Suitable for most vacuum cleaners. Ideal for use on Car Console, Car Seat, Floor Mats, Crevices or Household use on computers and keyboards, DVD Players and stereos.   Ideal for Pet Hair.  Kit includes:

    • Mini Hand Turbo Brush
    • Flexible Long Crevice Tool
    • Mini vac kit
    • Upholstery tool
    • Dusting brush
    • Microfibre cloth
    • Adaptor for 32mm to 35mm fit.
    Learn More
  12. Carbon brush with holder to suit Nilfisk BV1100 series (VB855)

    Carbon Brush with holder. Genuine Nilfisk part 60132 to suit BV1100 & BV1100NA BE Series. Reference - part 47 on attached exploded diagram.
    2 per pack.

    Learn More
  13. Chrome Rod - 36mm fitting (VB143)
    Chrome Rod for 36mm fittings. 50cm long. Learn More
  14. Chrome Rod with cuff - 32mm (VB177)

    Straight chrome rod. 32mm fit.

    Learn More
  15. Crevice Tool - 32mm (VB127)
    Crevice Tool with 32mm fitting Learn More
  16. Crevice Tool - 35mm (VB114)

    Crevice Tool with 35mm fitting

    Learn More
  17. Cyclonic Turbo Dust Filter (VB243)

    Turbo Dust Interceptor.  Wand mount 32mm & 35mm.    Used to save on vacuum bag usage.

    Learn More
  18. Dusting Brush - 36mm (VB168)

    Dusting Brush with 36mm fitting.
    Suits Pullman  CB15-p, CB15ss, Ghilbi AS10.




    Learn More
  19. Dusting Brush - 40mm (VB189)

    Dusting Brush with 40mm fitting.
    Suits Pullman CB60, CB80 & AS59




    Learn More
  20. Genuine Hoover Regal rod (VB862)

    Genuine Hoover rod to suit red Regal 9011PH machines.

    Learn More
  21. Genuine Karcher Hand tube for VC 6 series (VB853)

    Genuine Karcher handle (bent end piece) - part 4.195-125.0. Suitable for Karcher VC 6, VC 6100, VC 6.150, VC 6200, VC 6250 PET.

    Learn More
  22. Genuine Karcher SV Round Brush Kit (VB868)
    Set of 4 flexible steam brushes in 4 different colours. Suitable for use with SV 7, SV 1902, SV 1802. Genuine Karcher part number 2.860-231.0 Learn More
  23. Genuine Karcher Telescopic rod - 2.862-125.0 (VB180)

    Genuine Karcher Telescopic rod.  35mm fit.
    Karcher part no. 2.862-125.0

    Learn More
  24. Genuine Nilfisk Dust Bag Holder for Power series (VB188)

    Genuine Nilfisk replacement dust bag holder to suit Nilfisk Power series models Allergy, Cleaner, P10, P12, P20, P40, Select, Special, Super.
    1 Dust bag holder per pack.

    Learn More
  25. Genuine Nilfisk-Alto Bent End Piece (VB151)

    Genuine Nilfisk Bent End Piece to suit Alto Aero 400, 440, 640, 840.

    1 BEP per pack.

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